Fluid Mechanics


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Experimental Methods

Flow Through Porous Media

Fluid Film Lubrication

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Mathematical Methods for Engineers

Principles of Thermodynamics

Responsible Conduct for Research

Unsteady Aerodynamics


Teaching in Higher Education

Are You Thinking of Becoming an Academic?

Course Design in Higher Education

Educational Technology

Fundamentals of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

Teaching Capstone

Teaching Practicum





Fall Term Spring Term
Calculus I

General Chemistry for Engineers I

Introduction to Engineering Analysis

Introduction to Psychology

Physics I

Calculus II

General Chemistry for Engineers II

Introduction to Biopsychology

Introduction to Engineering Computing

Physics II

Fall Term Spring Term
Calculus III

Introduction to Ethics

Introduction to Matricies and Linear Algebra

Introduction to Mechanical Design

Materials Structure & Properties

Statics and Mechanics of Materials I

Applied Differential Equations

Electrical Circuits

Introduction to Thermodynamics

Materials and Manufacturing

Statics and Mechanics of Materials II

Written Professional Communications

Fall Term Spring Term
Applied Thermodynamics

Biomechanics II

Dynamic Systems

Introduction to Fluid Dynamics

Introduction to Performance

Mechanical Design I

Applied Fluid Mechanics

Biomechanics III

Biomedical Optical Microscopy

Discrete Mathematical Structures

Mechanical Design II

Mechanical Measurements I

Fall Term Spring Term
Heat and Mass Transfer

Mechanical Measurements II

Ordinary Differential Equations I

Probability and Statistics for Engineers I

Senior Design Project

Space-Time-Matter: Antiquity to the 20th Century

Causal Reasoning

Foundations of Biology I

Harry Potter: Blood, Power, Culture


Ordinary Differential Equations II

Rigid Body Dynamics