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PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering, 202X

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Research Focus: Experimental Fluid Mechanics

Minor in Teaching in Higher Education


BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2017

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Swanson School of Engineering

Summa Cum Laude

Minors in Bioengineering and Mathematics


Research Experience

Flow Control on a Nacelle in a Cross Flow

Research with Professor Ari Glezer

Project sponsored by The Boeing Company

Awarded NSF GRFP Fellowship to further study inlets in crosswinds

Awarded Orville and Wilbur Wright Graduate Award through AIAA

Perform experiments to better understand nacelle intake interaction when subjected to crosswinds

Use flow control techniques to alleviate the adverse effects that are produced


Osteochondral Bioreactor Research Project

Researched under Dr. Riccardo Gottardi and Dr. Paolo Zunino

Awarded SSOE Summer 2016 Research Internship

Developed bioreactor prototypes used to test drugs for osteoarthritis with the goal of maximizing drug exposure using microfluidics

Created models in SolidWorks for testing in ANSYS to assess drug exposure

3D printed models tested in a laboratory to compare theoretical and actual results



Refer to Publications section


Teaching Experience

Tech to Teaching Certificate

Georgia Tech, Center for Teaching and Learning, Fall 2019 – Fall 2020

A multi-semester preparing future faculty program that includes pedagogy training and practice


Fluid Mechanics Guest Lecturer

Co-instructor for Ari Glezer's online Fluid Mechanics class during the Fall 2020 semester

Taught lectures, facilitated the online chat to answer lecutre questions real-time, helped to create exam questions, and made important decisions relavent to course structure

Average CIOS grade of 4.92/5 measuring overall teaching effectiveness


Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL)

Associate Level Certificate, Spring 2020


Fluid Mechanics Teaching Assistant

Head teaching assistant for Ari Glezer's Fluid Mechanics class during the Fall 2019 semester

Lead office hours and exam review sessions, taught lectures, formed homework and exam questions, and helped facilitate the course

Average CIOS grade of 4.94/5 measuring overall teaching effectiveness


Senior Design Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

One of three UTAs for David Schmidt's Senior Design and its prequel course

First time UTAs were ever employed for Pitt’s MEMS senior design class

Created lectures and lesson plans for both classes as well as acted as a student resource

Acted as project sponsor for team continuing the Foldie project



Programing Languages

Experienced with: MATLAB, HTML, CSS

Exposure to: Python, C/C++, Assembly, UNIX



ANSYS, AutoDesk, EES, Excel, LabVIEW, LaVision DaVis, Siemens NX, SOLIDWORKS, Tecplot